WIN a Lighting Kit

PRIZE INCLUDES: 1 Gemini 2x1 Soft Panel, 1 Astra 6x Bi-Color & 1 Sola 4+ Daylight Fresnel.

“Gemini’s versatility is its biggest asset – not only can we match ambient light, but we can let our creativity run wild with the ability to dial in so many colors.”

- Ben Marlow, Professional Filmmaker

Professional filmmakers and collaborators Ben Marlow and Jack Tompkins are big fans of Litepanels’ Gemini 2x1 Softlight – so much so that their Gemini lights go with them for every shoot. They applaud Gemini’s outstanding color versatility, portability, and ease of use, which make the lights ideal for the types of sports, promotion, and corporate shoots that are their specialty.

"To me, Gemini seems much too easy to use, given the outstanding light quality it puts out. We don’t know any filmmakers, ourselves included, who want to spend hours reading manuals to learn how to use a light. Gemini is so intuitive that you can very quickly dial up the mode you need and create perfect colors.” - Jack Tompkins, Professional Filmmaker. 

“With Gemini and Astra we can set-up quickly and efficiently saving production time and money”

- Mauricio Van Hasselt, Cinematographer, Stommelhaus LLC

Filmmaking is a narrative medium. If you can’t create the mood, atmosphere and sense of space required by the story, you’ll very quickly lose the viewer. Lighting is crucial to these aspects of a production. Even with the most expensive camera equipment in the world, if the lighting isn’t nailed down you might as well be shooting it on your cellphone.

Astra and Gemini lighting systems have had a huge impact on filmmaking at StommelHaus: "From Gemini to Astra, the combination of light quality, power output, and energy consumption provide us with versatile solutions for our lighting needs. Being able to see the results immediately makes shooting on set more exciting and fast-paced. Finally, lighting on set is fun!”

“In addition to providing pure, full-spectrum white light, Gemini also gives us an extensive choice of control options for designing just about any type of light we might want for a shoot."  

- Christian Herrera, Cinematographer

Cinematographer Christian Herrera recently shot a New Balance commercial on location in Costa Rica. Find out how he got on using Litepanels Gemini and Sola lights together to produce the perfect lighting effects. 

"As a busy cinematographer, I find myself on the go more often than not. I’m a Costa Rican native based in Los Angeles, but my passion for imagery and culture has taken me to far-flung locations. Whether shooting a feature film in Bhutan or a New Balance commercial in Costa Rica, one of my biggest passions is the thrill of exploring new countries and territories. That’s followed closely by new technologies and advances in gear, especially state-of-the-art tools that give me the most creative freedom and flexibility while shooting on location.

My four new Gemini panels have become essential components in my own kit as well as my rental inventory, and they join Litepanels’ Astra panels and Sola fresnels as my LED mainstays. I particularly love the combination of the Gemini and the Sola 6+, which delivers the perfect blending of soft and hard light." 

LED Lighting in Modern Cinematography
- Bella Panggabean, Christian Epps, Christian Herrera, and Danna Kinsky

How have cinematographers and lighting designers changed their approach to lighting in the LED era? Read the insights of four prominent professionals; Bella Panggabean, Christian Epps, Christian Herrera, and Danna Kinsky. Including colorful stories about working under tricky conditions, tricks of the trade, advice from mentors, and their thoughts on lighting today.

“A big plus for me is whenever you are filming slow-motion, there is no flicker ”

- Alan Stockdale, Owner/Director, Foundlight Productions 

Established in 2004, Foundlight Productions has built an outstanding reputation as a dynamic and adaptable film, music, and video production company. Today, Foundlight specializes in commercial and documentary work for a marquee list of clients including Google, eOne, BBC & Sony. As Foundlight’s owner and director, Alan Stockdale is inspired by how light falls on an object:   

“I need tools in my kit that enable me to use light in the most creative ways possible. Litepanels’ Gemini and Astra LEDs with mobile power from Anton/Bauer, are indispensable in my work, they give me the flexibility, performance, and power I need to tell great stories and realize my creative vision”

The Litepanels LEDs and Anton/Bauer batteries played starring roles in a recent project Foundlight created for Schneider-Kreuznach, a leading producer of high-performance photographic and cinematic lenses. The Schneider MOVE Series is a quartet of one-minute films based on movement and designed to showcase Schneider’s Kreuznach Xenon FF-Prime lenses. The Move Series captures the passionate physical expression of four talented individuals: a dancer, a gymnast, a skateboarder, and a free runner. 

Credit: Schneider Kreuznach and Alan Stockdale / FoundLight Productions.
Photo credit: James Oaten 

“At London Fashion Week, the Geminis were a brilliant solution, offering versatile color control to complement the natural light”

- David Ambrose, Lighting Designer, Renegade Design

In fashion, image is everything and being seen in your best light is essential. When lighting designers Renegade Design needed the perfect light to illuminate the Alice Temperley catwalk, balanced with stunning ambient light from the sunset, there was only one choice – the versatile Gemini by Litepanels.

Working with INCA Productions, lighting design firm Renegade Design created the lighting effects for the London Fashion Week show. The Gemini 2x1 soft panels were supplied by Version 2, a leading U.K.-based broadcast equipment rental house.

“We needed LED lighting that could provide maximum output with a minimum power draw and excellent dimming and color correction,”  - David Ambrose, lighting designer, Renegade Design.

Litepanels’ Gemini combines daylight, tungsten, and red-green-blue LEDs to deliver highly flexible and precise color adjustment. The Gemini soft panel produces true, full-spectrum white light and an extensive choice of control options designed to suit any professional lighting application.